Fujifilm XF 35mm f/2 WR - A quick look

I shouldn’t really buy any more camera gear.. But sometimes it’s a bit too tempting. This week I picked up an X-T1 with the new 35mm f/2 WR. I once had an X-Pro 1 with the original 35mm 1.4 so I thought I’d try something new (really, new). I’ve only spent a few days with the kit so far, but overall, thoroughly impressed.

The weather sealing partly sold this lens, being a perfect match for the X-T1, along with the new compact design. It feels very much like a 50mm Summicron. Build quality is great, noticeably quieter than the 1.4 and a bit faster. The only downside out of the box? The included lens hood. A flimsy piece of screw in plastic. I’ll definitely be ordering the new metal version.

In terms of sharpness, it’s pretty perfect. I don’t care to pick images apart or to pixel-peep, but this does exceptionally well. I’ve printed images from the 35mm 1.4 at 24x36” with a whole heap of detail in them, and don’t think this will disappoint either. All of these images are JPEG out of the camera, with the Classic Chrome film simulation applied. Fuji is the only system I’ll shoot RAW+JPG. The colours are perfect, and i’ve been dying to shoot the CC simulation. 

There’s always a debate about depth of field, bokeh, etc.. with APS-C sensors. This lens renders a really pleasing out of focus area, and the camera makes it very easy to shoot wide open with the electronic shutter. Although I haven’t found myself using that at all yet. When shot in the right situations, it’s hard to tell which sensor you’ve used without a side-by-side. Also, who cares? 

Even at higher ISO’s and a marginally smaller aperture than some other lenses in the lineup, it’s pretty damn perfect. 

Overall, no regrets. Except in the bank account, but there’s always regret there. A perfect addition to any Fuji X series kit, great size, fast, sharp, and it makes shooting fun. I assume we’ll see this as a kit lens with the X-Pro 2, whenever that may be.

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